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Emirates AquaTech operates the word’s largest and most technologically advanced indoor recirculating fish breeding and caviar farm in the world. Completed in 2011, the farm covers an area of approximately 56,000 m2 and is equipped with a German patented technology that allows for the most suitable aquaculture system for fish cultivation and caviar production.

Recognizing the need to supply the market with sustainably sourced caviar, Emirates AquaTech plans to produce up to 35 tons of Siberian sturgeon caviar including 485 tons of sturgeon meat. It aims to deliver a steady and continuous supply of these products without being limited by conventional seasonal harvesting. The farm has the latest equipment in smoking fish producing high quality sturgeon fillets that may be sold in regular smoked or flavoured varieties. The company also has plans to expand its product line to include other premium types of caviar and different by-products in the future.

Emirates AquaTech